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The Best Vessel Monitoring System

EMA Ltd. Slovenia has been selected by us as a provider of the best integrated Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for fisheries management on the market.

EMA is total solutions provider of VMS and eLogbook systems featuring BlueTraker VMS terminals for tracking, surveillance and control of fishing fleets

The Best Solution

Tracking and monitoring terminals with dual operation (using satellite and mobile networks) are probably the best solution for reliable and cost effective operation. This type of system is ideal for the GPRS communication along the shores and satellite communications on the open sea. As the switching from GPRS over to satellite channel and vice versa is seamless, fishing vessels that mostly navigate in coastal waters incur much less communication cost than they would if the communication was done via satellite channel only.

The EU requires its member states to conclude installation of eLog system for catch reporting. Ema’s BlueTraker solution is eLogbook ready – the on-board PC with eLog software just has to be connected to the terminal and the whole service activated.


BlueTraker solution terminals do not need antennas and antenna cables to be connected to secure the system against the geo-position forgery, which is usually done by manipulating the antennas or antenna cables. An integrated back-up battery (not as a separate pack) enables up to 72 hours of operation even when the vessel’s battery is switched off or the ship’s electrical power is down. This solution means that any attempt to cut the cable to the terminal or opening an enclosure is immediately detected and reported to the Fisheries Monitoring Centre.


They at EMA Ltd. says that the solution offers better safety to the fishermen as well. By installing the Distress Selective Call button (a sort of SOS button) as a standard, the fisherman is in a position to alert the FMC operator about a distress situation onboard (extreme weather, water ingress, fire onboard, pirate attack etc.). The DSC button is built upon stringent SIL3 safety standards and operates under any circumstances. It has “two way functionality” built-in which means that not only alert messages can be sent to FMC but also FMC operator’s “receive-acknowledgement” can be shown on the DSC button to greatly improve the fisherman’s confidence in the rescue operation. The alert message is sent via the Iridium satellite network, which is the only satellite network with truly 100% coverage of the Earth and the lowest messaging delay at the same time.

The BlueTraker solution is currently one of the most cost effective VMS/eLogbook systems on the market as it offers an all integrated VMS, plus eLogbook satellite terminal for efficient catch report data communication. This solution is adequate for nations with limited budgets. The system effectively helps in preventing overfishing in the Mediterranean by cross-checking the positions of the fishing vessels detected by VDS (space-based radar imagery) with position reports from VMS.

While IUU fishing destroys marine habitat and puts a lot of regional local fishers in a difficult position, battling for survival, these latest technology advancements enormously limit IUU activities.

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